Meridian Behavioral Health Systems provides a full spectrum of Inpatient Hospitalization, Residential Treatment Services, and Chemical Dependency Services throughout the country.

Meridian’s dedicated team of employees are committed to outstanding services for patients and personal attention at every level.

Each Meridian program reflects the operating values important to us:

  • Integrity – we will act honestly in all that we do, adhering to the highest principles by pursuing a commitment to do what is right.
  • Care – we will demonstrate a caring, empathetic, and loving attitude to others.
  • Passion – we will display a relentless intensity in serving our patients and their families.
  • Joy – we will provide great delight and happiness by engaging our patients, their families, and our employees in the Meridian experience.
  • Loyalty – we will be loyal to our patients, our associates, and our company.
  • Respect – we will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.
  • Accountability – we will take responsibility for our actions.
  • Excellence – we will pursue excellence in processes, people, and procedures.

For more information about Meridian programs and services, contact us at info@meridianbhealth.com.

Meridian Behavioral Health Systems is a fully integrated behavioral health company formed in 2012 by experienced hospital operators and healthcare investors to assist communities with the current general shortage of psychiatric and behavioral health beds in the United States. Meridian provides the full spectrum of behavioral health services for all populations including: inpatient psychiatry, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, substance abuse treatment and alternative educational programs. Meridian provides these services as owners or managers of facilities or units.

The focus of Meridian is to provide superior psychiatric services and expand the overall inventory of behavioral health beds and services to meet current and future demands across the United States. Meridian Behavior Health Systems achieves this goal by acquiring existing healthcare facilities; converting and upgrading them as necessary and provide top quality compassionate care. Meridian is poised to capitalize on the current national focus on private behavioral health facilities and providers. Thematic with a steadfast commitment to quality patient care, each Meridian Facility is uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs in the communities in which they operate.


The concept behind Meridian was developed by Wes Mason, the President and founder of the company. With over twelve years of executive experience in behavioral health, Wes has worked for many large private and publicly traded behavioral health care systems in both operation and executive management positions. Wes’ motivation and inspiration for the creation of Meridian primarily comes from his late father who spent his career as a psychologist helping others. Wes’ father taught him three lessons to live by:

  • Human Responsibility – All individuals make mistakes and deserve a Second Chance. If you are in a position to help others it is your human responsibility to do so in a compassionate manner.
  • Positive Cultural Expectation
  • Strengths Based Approach – When dealing with family, children, colleagues, employees, or neighbors you utilize a strength- based approach that allows everyone to bring something “to the table.” When adhered to this approach allows you to, appreciate each and every perspective.
    These life lessons led Wes to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in behavioral health, primarily working with youth. Wes quickly established himself as a natural leader with good clinical and financial instincts in the behavioral health field. This combination fostered his success in behavioral health executive management.

Having worked primarily for publicly traded corporations, Wes has seen the erosion of values and decreasing emphasis on safety and quality of care to satisfy the need for increasing revenue/profits to continuously keep “Wall Street” happy. While the need to have a good business model and make a strong profit is the cornerstone of any company, it cannot be done at the expense of the patient or the employees. Profits and stock price cannot become more important than taking care of people. The constant sale and acquisition of companies does not necessarily translate to what is best for the patients, communities and the staff working in the facilities.

The opportunity to run highly effective treatment facilities that incorporate “best practices” in the behavioral health industry, without the constant, unrealistic mandates of a large corporation, is the primary mission behind the creation of Meridian. Furthermore, giving back to the community is a Meridian priority. It is essential that Meridian become a vital part of the community in which it operates. Providing jobs in areas where there is a need and integrating the facility as a vital part of the community will be a cornerstone of its operational focus.